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Why Kingsbridge College

KIngsbridge College offers quality, accredited, vocational, occupational and skills programmes in a range of fields, designed with Industry to meet the skills shortages of South Africa.

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National Certificate Bookkeeping

National Certificate Small Business Financial Management

National Diploma Financial Accounting

FET Certificate Bookkeeping


End User Computing

National Certificate: Systems Development

National Certificate: Technical Support

Welcome To Kingsbridge College

At Kingsbridge College we strive for excellence, quality and creativity in our way of work and believe in the community that we serve. Alongside our strategic partners, we are committed to identify the social and economic needs of the region and strive to fulfil these needs by educating communities in order to gain the necessary skills to become independent corporate citizens that contribute to the growth of our region, our community and our nation as a whole.

Education is something we believe in strongly - our students wouldn't reach the top if we didn't. But what sets us apart from other establishments in our field is our absolute dedication to the quality of education being offered.


"Kingsbridge College is a diverse, progressive educational environment enriching the lives of students, employees and our community. To become an exemplary college in which learners achieve a maximum ability through a rigorous, engaging curriculum and systems of support that cultivate the potential and promote the well-being of every learner".

"Kingsbridge College is dedicated to student success. The College is committed
to provide educational training and development needs in line with the
government skills development strategy and to prepare learners for lifelong learning in
the democratic society and global community."

Why Kingsbridge College

Kingsbridge College is a diverse, progressive educational environment enriching the lives of students, employees and our community.

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